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Sky Ferreira to star in crime thriller with Nicolas Cage
Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira to star in crime thriller with Nicolas Cage

Not the bees! Not the bees!

Sky Ferreira has signed up to star in an indie crime thriller with Nicolas "Not The Bees" Cage and Elijah Wood, TheWrap reports. The Trust follows Cage and Wood as two corrupt Vegas police officers who conspire to steal drug money. It's not known what role Sky Ferreira will play.  

Here's the synopsis in more detail: "Two crooked cops, David Waters (Wood) and Jim Stone (Cage), who discover a hidden safe while working in the evidence unit of the police department. The duo’s desire for the possessions of the safe throws them into a deadly well of corruption leaving them fighting for their lives and questioning their every move."

Sounds like something a stoned indie fan cooked up after listening to one too many repeats of Night Time, My Time? Well, The Trust is absolutely happening. Producer Braxton Pope tweeted confirmed Ferreira's involvement on Twitter yesterday:  

This isn't Sky Ferreira's first acting gig. In 2010, she starred in Putty Hill, a lo-lo-fi indie film about a Baltimore community coming together after the overdose of a young man. In 2013, she also starred in Eli Roth's gap-yah horror film The Green Inferno, and IRL, a dark NY-centric short film from Grant Singer. 

Watch Sky Ferreira in an exclusive clip from IRL below: