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Taylor Swift trademarks phrase ‘this sick beat’ and others

Swift-copyrighted soundbites include ‘cause we never go out of style’ and ‘Party like it’s 1989’

Taylor Swift isn't going to let a little thing like commonly used English phrases stand in her way of world domination. To that end, the 25-year-old singer has just trademarked key lyrics from her recent album, 1989. Did you want to use the words "this sick beat" on a windchime? Sorry, that's Taylor's property now. 

As you'd expect, Swift's name is trademarked, which is absolutely fair enough. But the trademark search system Justia has the true scale of Team Taylor's determination, grit, legal know-how and insanity. They've also listed specific products that proles absolutely cannot use for their doomed Etsy store.

Here's the full list of phrases that are approved for Taylor's use only:

"Party Like It's 1989": Do not use this phrase on toys, bean bags, ornaments, Christmas stockings, Christmas tree decorations, Christmas tree ornaments or Christmas tree accessories. You'll ruin Christmas if you do.

"This Sick Beat": I don't wanna see this charming little phrase anywhere near wind chimes, wigs, computerised online ordering, or non-downloadable content.

"Cause We Never Go Out Of Style": If I catch you using this fairly anodyne phrase on decalcomanias (look it up), aprons or tattoo transfers then there'll be hell to pay.

"Could Show You Incredible Things": I'm sure you could, but here are some incredible things you can't use the phrase on. Stationery, hosiery and headbands are all out of bounds.

"Nice To Meet You. Where You Been?": This phrase, often found in the first few pages of French: How To Speak It books, is also uttered by spambots and Taylor Swift in "Blank Space". It's also now forbidden on the various types of aforementioned niche merchandise.

Taylor Swift's trademarking spree is obviously an attempt to stop the spread of fake merchandise, a black market trend that plagues successful artists. That doesn't make it any less surreal, though.

In other Taylor news, her Twitter account was hacked by Lizard Squad on Tuesday and they threatened to "leak her nudes". She laughed it off, promising "they got nothing". Does she ever stop winning?