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pj harvey

You can go and watch PJ Harvey record an album this month

She'll be laying bare her recording process in a specially designed studio in Somerset House

Ever been curious about how PJ Harvey summons her powers in the studio? Or intrigued as to how many takes she might need to do a vocal, what reverb units she uses and how much creative control she relinquishes to a producer?

This month you'll be granted an insight into how Harvey's creative process as she teams up with art producers Artangel for a project called "Recording In Progress".

The Inland Revenue's former staff gym and rifle range is to be converted into Harvey's own studio, where visitors will be able to peer in at any given point during the creation of her new album. The studio is in an enclosed box with one-way glazing.

She could be doing anything when visitors show up – rehearsing a song, arguing with her producers Flood and John Parish or sketching out on a whiteboard which tracks are working and which aren't, thus providing spectators with a unique glimpse into the recording process.

Speaking to the Independent Harvey said, "“I want "Recording in Progress" to operate as if we’re an exhibition in a gallery. I hope visitors will be able to experience the flow and energy of the recording process".

Given that recording albums is traditionally such a private practice, it's fascinating to wonder how the influence of being constantly watched will affect the creative output. Will it spur her on, or just present an unwelcome distraction?

Tickets are on sale for a 50-minute slot are on sale here, priced between £16 and £12. Go and see how it's done.