Korean rappers Masta Wu, Dok2 and Bobby get surreal

In the second installment of YG's Hip Hop Project, K-pop's premier rap artists show who's boss in ‘Come Here’ with Koons sculptures, BMXs and balaclavas

Exclusively on Dazed comes the second and final video from YG's Hip Hop Project, an initiative from one of Korea's most diverse record labels. Following G-Dragon and Taeyang's dancehall-vibing “Good Boy” comes a surprise partnering of rapper/producer Masta Wu, 1llionaire's Dok2 and fresh talent Bobby of boyband iKON. The firey trio take on a remix of Masta Wu's “Come Here”, and the video's as imaginative as anything we've come to expect from YG. Stream it above, paying particular note to the Jeff Koons balloon dog on a leash, bold Burberry prints, and Bobby's sweet karaoke and rocking horse scenes. Prior to its release, we caught up with Bobby and Masta Wu to hear more about the collaboration.

What was the idea of putting together the three of you for this project?

Masta Wu: The idea was to get artists that fit the vibe of the song. Since the song is aggressive and yet cool, we needed rappers that can pull it off naturally.

The collaboration has come as a shock to many fans who were trying to predict the participants. Was this element of surprise part of the original idea – to blow people's minds?

Masta Wu: Not at all. The promotion built up the suspense but from the beginning we just wanted to make a dope song. It's great to see the excitement in the fans though.

Bobby, you're a relatively new artist. What was it like recording with these two well-respected musicians?

Bobby: Since I was working with my seniors, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t seem too much of a newbie rapper! So when writing lyrics, I focussed on youth and vigor to showcase a style unique to me. 

Having appeared on Epik High's “Born Hater” alongside the cream of Korean hip hop, are you more relaxed now about working with older artists?

Bobby: Through ‘Born Hater’, I got the chance to meet up with my seniors often, and they were so good to me that I was able to work without any difficulties – and add my own youthful style to the mix.

Masta Wu, since mentoring and producing young rappers on this year's talent show Show Me The Money 3, you're having having a visible resurgence. What's next for you?

Masta Wu: Most definitely look out for more music from me. I'm in the studio as we speak and look forward to letting everyone hear what I got. I'm vibing, haha!