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Mysteries New Age Music Is Here 2014

Stream Mysteries’ album New Age Music Is Here

The elusive trio share some of their secrets with a dark, distorted debut

Masked, enigmatic and anonymous – Mysteries are a group that like to keep things pretty literal. No one is entirely sure where they come from, what they look like or even what their names are. For their debut album New Age Music is Here, the evasive trio combine distortion, frenetic drumbeats and lovelorn vocals in an attempt to envisage the windswept soundscapes of the future. Opening with the tribal murmurs of “Intro”, the record writhes its way determinedly through the murky marshes of heartbreak and melancholy.  It's a wrenching, and at times menacing, journey – but luckily New Age Music Is Here doesn't shy away from a resolute chorus to help pull it through the hard times. Could this collection be the sound of the new ‘new age’? We’ll let you decide. 

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