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Molloy: Let’s Write a Pop Song

Chaz, Toz, Jez and Caz love abbreviating names with a z and eating a lot of cheese.

Paris, summer 2005. "Let's write a pop song." That’s all it took. Surviving on a diet of John Hughes, John Waters and David Lynch movies, it's in their tiny Parisian apartment that Jez and Caz perfected the recipe for their dirty-minded angular-electro-pop-rock. Accompanied by Chaz and Toz, they chose a moniker in fitting with their green and orange attire: Molloy was thus born. London, spring 2009. Many pop songs later, the now Shoreditch-based Molloy celebrate the release of their 4 track EP, Thursday Electric, on upcoming Parisian label Silverstation Records. Regardez…
Dazed Digital: Your sound - an alternative/pop/electro mishmash - is something we're hearing a lot of... have you jumped on the bandwagon, noticing how lucrative the genre has become?
Caz: We've always said electro-pop-ROCK!
Toz: Mmm Electrock!
Jez: We started off quite prog and angular... bit more like the Pixies or a guitar-based Devo. But then we got obsessed by analogue synths so accidentally became quite electro... and we love dancing so we wanted our songs to be something you can jump about to.
Caz: As well as have sex too.

DD: Parisian label... you were living in Paris... you play a lot of French gigs...
Caz: I'm French! The French love British bands, but we might not be cheesy enough for them. They love the cheese.
Jez: Caz loves the cheese.
Chaz: They have good cheese and cheap wine.
Toz: I prefer Mozzarella.
Jez: Italians...

DD: Caz, I read you "Squeal like Karen O", which I think is journalistic simile gone mad...
Chaz: Louis from Semaphore said I looked like Mr Muscle the other day. He was spot-on with that.
Caz: Someone wrote that I looked like "a kind of x-rated and panting Toni Basil for grown ups." I'm waiting to be compared to Vince Neil. I'm working on it.
Jez: You're more like a female version of Nikki Sixx. No... Lita Ford is like a female version of Nikki Sixx. You're Lita Ford.
DD: You’re ushering a new kind of electropop that eschews laptops for a host of instruments and un-vocodered falsettos...
Caz: Laptop? What's a laptop? Ditch digital!
Jez: Didge Digital (the synth player from FM)?
Caz: I'm sure that's what he meant. Back to analogue!
Jez: Back to mono!
Chaz: My heart does sink when a band turns up on stage with a laptop. I always think, are they going to be checking their email during the gig? For a lot of bands it’s a necessary evil – they record all their stuff on the laptop, end up with 75 tracks that they couldn’t possibly reproduce live without a huge band and a rack of effects. But it’s an evil we can well do without.

DD: You say your live performance is "bespoke", do you mean they’re each tailored to the specific event? I hear it involves toys and telephones...
Caz: With all our old analogue synths and toys, it's bound to be different each time. There's always something going wrong or breaking down!
Jez: Take my Roland SH-09... Where most bands would just press a button to get their sound, there's no button or memory whatsoever on that synth, just sliders and knobs. so I can never get the exact same sound twice. It's awesome!
Caz: My Jen doesn't even have sliders! Just knobs!
Toz: Knobs!
Chaz: Stop saying knobs!

Molloy play a showcase at Canadian Music Week in March, then begin their European tour. Their EP Thursday Electric is out now.