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kathleen hanna

Kathleen Hanna wants to make a record with Miley Cyrus

The Bikini Kill singer says that she has an idea for an album that only Miley is daring enough to make

As collaborations go, this one would have to be filed under "surprising", but we're certainly intrigued to hear the results. Riot Grrrl godmother Kathleen Hanna has publicly contacted Miley Cyrus to suggest that they work on a record together.

It all began when Miley paid respect to Hanna on Instagram – she posted two photos of the Bikini Kill singer accompanied by the captions "girls rule" and coolest ever".

Clearly enamoured with the posts, Hanna responded not only to thank Cyrus, but to suggest that they make a record together, an album that Hanna believes "only Miley Cyrus is daring enough to make". With such an obvious mutual respect between the two, it isn't a stretch to imagine that a collaboration could bear beautiful fruit.

In November of last year, Cyrus described herself as "one of the biggest feminists in the world because I tell women to not be scared of anything", an outlook that clearly sits well with Hanna, an outspoken feminist activist.

Hanna backed Cyrus's feminist credentials in an interview with Tiny Mix Tapes, saying: "I’m glad the word ‘feminist’ is being talked about and that influential pop stars are bringing up this conversation. If she says she’s a feminist, then who I am to stop her? I’m not the feminist police."

Clearly Hanna still holds a torch for Cyrus, so will an album ever spring from this love-in? The ball's in Miley's court.