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Coinye West's official tagline was "we ain't minin', we pickin'"

Kanye West wins lawsuit against Coinye

The cryptocurrency gold diggers have been defeated by Yeezy in court

Kanye West has won his legal battle against now-closed Coinye, the cryptocurrency that launched in January with a cartoon likeness of Yeezy (which also resembles his South Park character – you know, the one who doesn't get the joke about fish sticks).   

Most of the developers named in West's lawsuit failed to respond to the allegations. Only a few of the 12 named defendants responded, with some settling out of court and another intending to execute a similar deal – which means that West has won his case by default.

One of the defendants who settled earlier this year is Harry Wills, a 17-year-old student from Peterborough who still seems unusually happy about being sued by someone. 

"I've never had anyone try to sue me before, let alone an A-list celebrity," Wills told Ars Technica. "I guess I'm still happy the way it's turned out, we didn't win but we've cost Mr West thousands in legal fees, which is a great feeling." He said that he will print off and frame the settlement document signed by Kanye, his lawyer and the judge presiding over the case. 

Kanye's lawyers filed an 84-page trademark infringement suit when Coinye launched. A few weeks later, the currency creators later posted this message to their website: "Coinye is dead. You win, Kanye." Looks like the law agrees with Yeezy on this one.