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Stream Joe Goddard's serious summer club-anthem contender

The new one from Hot Chip's producer is sticky as a summer's night

Hot Chip’s burly producer and synth-player, Joe Goddard – who also makes up one half of The 2 Bears – is gearing up for the release of his third solo EP on London/ Berlin-based party collective and record label, Greco-Roman. The forthcoming Endless Love EP sees Goddard venture still further into classic garage house territory, continuing the dance music love affair displayed on his previous EPs, which included 2011’s infectious "Gabriel". Stream the title track below, a serious club-anthem contender that opens with soft chords levitating over galloping, syncopated rhythms while Joe's sonorous vocal mantra tells of skin touching skin on steamy dance floors. It all segues beautifully into Betsy’s gospel-like chants of unrequited love, cut up and looped over a well of bouncy beats and thumping bass. It’s a full-fledged ode to those very latest of nights out; a lovelorn sigh as sticky as a balmy summer night.