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That's not okayJay Styles via Twitter

French DJ does blackface in social media campaign

He also called himself ‘music's slave’, just to make matters worse

Say you're an emerging DJ hoping to land a spot on DJ Mag's prestigious annual Top 100 DJs poll. How do you corral the votes of the fickle, EDM-loving public?

So many choices! You could cement your reputation by word-of-mouth on the club circuit; you could release a couple of critically feted EPs or singles; you could build a stable and loyal fanbase on social media... Or if you're French DJ Jay Style, you could wear blackface, describe yourself as "music's slave" and then ask people to vote for you. 

The online reaction to this can be generally summed up as "you're a fucking idiot". Jay Style valiantly tried to defend himself on Twitter, saying that he was "sorry if some peoples (sic) didn't understand the message, it's a misunderstanding!", before proceeding to dig himself in a deeper hole by tweeting this: 

Perhaps realising that there was no way he was ever going to get away with blackface, Style has since deleted his original tweet featuring the poster. But he's still left up another promo image asking people to vote for him, in which he dresses as a clown with the slogan "Because I'm happy... Vote for me". (Aside: how do you get from "hey, let's paint myself as a clown in this poster" to "hey, let's do full blackface"? It's not exactly Point A to Point B.)

Style has also posted this classic non-apology on his Facebook page: 

"I've decided to use the word 'slave' because since 30 years I'm living music, I've had to sacrifice a lot of perosnal things." It's OK, you guys! DJing is just like 12 Years A Slave, but with more turntables!

Seriously, just give up.  

(h/t FACT)