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Michael Jukeson is the face of the #nomoresad campaign

The #nomoresad campaign wants to spread joy through dance

This Brooklyn personal trainer will dance to any song you like for 30 seconds – all in the name of spreading good cheer

Feeling so sad today? Michael Jukeson, a Brooklyn-based personal trainer and DJ-slash-producer, has just the answer: the #nomoresad campaign. Jukeson is asking anybody down in the dumps to send their favourite song to his email, and in exchange, he'll perform a 30-second interpretive dance to your song and then upload the video on YouTube.

"There are very few people out there who are really being a proponent of happiness," Jukeson says, explaining that he initially came up with these silly dance moves to cheer up a friend. Then he decided to start an initiative to spread happiness around the world and posted a Craigslist ad titled "MJ470 – 30 Second Dance Video by Michael Jukeson - FREE" – and everything took off from there, with #nomoresad making its national television debut on Wednesday. 

If you head to his YouTube page, you can view the hundreds of videos he's already made for friends, family and total strangers. There are ones dedicated to producers like DJ Slow, Jubilee, Deebs, and Obey City – and one very special #nomoresad edition featuring the beloved Ryan Hemsworth dedicating a Björk song to Travis Wheeler. 

Dazed decided to send him "Say Yes", our current favourite song from international superstar Michelle Williams. Watch below: 

Besides #nomoresad, Jukeson also organises weekly parties in Brooklyn called Workout Party! and is currently participating in a no-sitting challenge in which he has not sat down for a week (seriously). 

Some people at the office were feeling pretty down about England losing to Uruguay last night, so we also asked Jukeson to dance to "Three Lions" for us: 

If you're feeling blue, you can email your favourite song to in return for a shoutout and a 30-second expression of genuine care from the Brooklyn resident. As Jukeson told us: "Everybody deserves to be happy :)".