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DEEBS Slave 4 u

Sensitive tracks of the month

Britney gets that slinky #summertimesadness with an essential DEEBS remix, plus a new flip on Usher X Alicia


Britney Spears has a lot of feelings,  Toronto's spectral hip hop producer Deebs has a lot of feelings and so do we. The Toronto based producer has reworked Spears’ classic “Slave 4 U”, slow churning the track and adding heat with electrifying trap drums. Blessed arms to Deebs for including these famous words – “I know I may be young, but I have feelings too."


This month’s Sensitive Tracks is dedicated to Summertime Sadness because it is a real feeling that we all have to cope with. Some of us, like the babes in this new pop band, Crater, experiment with internet dating. Whether it’s OKcupid, Tinder, JDate or even Myspace, Crater channel those desolate pleasures into their first single “Crater Head” and here is the premiere of the visuals of that.


Before releasing his Recessional EP as “a rite of passage” to moving on with his life, Cascine's Sami Suova was involved in a couple of other music projects – including the pop duo Shine 2009. Suova currently lives in Brooklyn and the four delicate tracks on Recessional is an emotional exploration of himself through quirky electronic production and soft melodic R&B vents.


Melbourne-based electronic duo ALTA dropped “Wash It Down” just as the weather started heating up. From Dowson’s warm downtempo beats, frontwoman Lesser’s perfectly toned body getting sprayed by water, to her sultry voice flirting with the desert, this track drips down smoothly. Let each second linger through the speakers and turn it up for ALTA.



When I asked Jersey Club producer Nadus which track off his recent EP Broke City has the most feelings, he immediately responded with “Sharpe James.” Gentle piano keys in the beginning steadily bring you up to speed with escalating drums and percussion, so that within one minute you are forced to just let everything go and lose yourself.


As a member of Le1f’s Camp & Street crew, Rahel Haile collaborated with Jeremiah Meece of The-Drum to deliver this enchanting R&B track. Tagged as #SummerCuff on herSoundcloud, the sedated twinkling music assists Haile’s soothing vocals – leaving you endlessly daydreaming about that special someone.


19-year-old Connor O’Leary (aka TryTryDieDown) from Aberdeen self-reflected on the ultimate cuff song – Alicia Keys and Usher's “My Boo” – by adding his glistening personal touches. In this bootleg, he experimented with a lot of chopping, adding a grime influence that makes the heart flutter.


This is an exciting month for Orlando’s beloved indie pop duo SALES – from June 16 they embark on their first ever East Coast tour. In preparation for this tour, they released a collection of beautiful songs including “vow”. They paired the endearing whispers of the track with romantic legs sitting underneath the sun and there’s no other way of enjoying SALES besides just that – laying outside with friends and getting taken away by stories.


Chicago experimental rapper, The Holy Kit – known for being "LOWNT" – has released a love song in the form of the painfully honest “Used To Be". Kit talks about how a bae chose him and repeats “I used to be so lonely” over the top of Hawaiian Gardens’ bubbly production. If you’re caught in that summer daze, this is the perfect mesmerising song.


The West coast electronic engineers behind "Body High", Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL, have teamed up under a new moniker. Calling themselves DJ Dodger Stadium, they recently put out a seven minute love song that’ll be on their debut album, Friends of Mine, due for release in July. The music video is a slow motion view from atop of Los Angeles, with melancholic shuffles of percussion, harmonious claps and chants of “lately I’ve been singing love songs by myself”.