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Stream Throwing Snow's inventive debut album

The London-based electronic pop artist shares 'Mosaic', an engulfing record featuring Kid A and Py

Debut full-length releases from producers can often feel a little static, but Throwing Snow has the skill of knowing how to roam across the format without ever losing his way. Ross Tones recruits a spectrum of vocalists (including Adda KalehKid APyJassy Grez and more) across his appropriately named Mosaic LP – but it’s not just the way he turns his hand to intricate melancholy pop songs that brings surprises. His instrumentals, too, are meandering yet tight: whether it’s gently lulling bells meeting grizzly distortion (“Linguis”), or frantic guitar loops meeting shuffling dancefloor beats (“Pathfinder”), there’s a constant element of friction and exploration that means while no track is ever overcooked, each one is rich with ideas. Listen to the release in full exclusively on Dazed, and snap it up for yourself via Fabric’s year-old label Houndstooth on June 2.

Pre-order on iTunes here