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Hear Lana Del Rey sing alternate ‘West Coast’ lyrics

The GRADES Icon Remix layers a previously-unheard vocal take over a blissy disco beat

Lana Del Rey obsessives (guilty!) are blessed with a wealth of alternate vocals, live variations and scrapped lyrics from the scarlet starlet’s unofficial discog. The crown jewel? “Let me fuck you hard in the pouring rain” from an NC-17 version of “Born To Die” that Del Rey often revives in live performances. Now, woozy current single “West Coast” gets an alternate vocal rendition (originally purposed solely for German radio) in a shimmery disco remix by UK producer GRADES, who lays on a disco-house beat and handclaps, as well as additional production on the track.

The lyrical highlights to the new version – officially named The GRADES Icon Remix, BTW – sparkle with the forthright flirtation of a disco heroine amidst cascading bar chimes. “Your love, your love, your love” is switched out for “Hush baby hush”; “…feel I’m a child” is swapped for a less-Daddy-issues-riddled “higher and higher”. Who knows what’s in her coffee cup, but it suits Lana to get a little loose. If you’re not drinking, then you’re not playing, after all.