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Miss Coachella? Now you can experience it in virtual reality

Wander through a creepily empty, dystopian version of Coachella thanks to this VR website

Did you sit at home during Coachella with a heavy dose of FOMO, wishing you could have experienced Outkast's underwhelming comeback and Justin Bieber's awkward cameo during Chance the Rapper's set? Fear not – a site called VRation have created a virtual reality version of the world's biggest festival. Now you can walk around the Polo Ground site from the comfort of your own home. 

There aren't any people, any bands or any sound, but at least there's no chance of sandstorms or bad weather. It's a calming walkthrough experience that lets you contemplate just how peaceful it would be to spend three days in a completely empty and deserted festival site. Just kidding – it'd be terrifying. 

In essence, the VRation Coachella game is a photo-sharing service: users sign up and then tag their photos of Coachella 2014 at various points in the virtual reality world, so you can pinpoint the exact spot a Coachella bro spilled Red Bull on you when Beyonce turned up at Solange's gig. You can sign up for the site here.