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Bitcoin Music Festival
Buy a ticket to the Bitcoin Music Festival and you, too, can be as cool as these guysscreencap via

Screw Coachella, I'm going to the Bitcoin Music Festival

The first cryptocurrency music festival in New York promises dogecoin, EDM and souvenir T-shirts

Missed out on Coachella or didn't get tickets to Glastonbury? Don't worry – now you can combine your love of music with your love of cryptocurrency with the world's first Bitcoin Music Festival. Organised by the Bitcoin Centre NYC (once described as the "New York Stock Exchange" of Bitcoin), it's heading to Manhattan in May. 

In a promo video below, BTC enthusiasts dance around to EDM and sport T-shirts with the slogan "I accept bitcoin". There's a dogecoin shirt and a digital doge wallet in there, for good measure.

"This event is about freedom," said festival organiser Ross Mintzer said in a statement. "In music we have freedom of expression. Bitcoin gives us that same freedom in finance, but I believe that’s only the beginning. I want people to have an amazing time at the festival and hope to create a platform for digital currency enthusiasts to bond."

Are people gonna take bitcoin pills and dance to EDM? Who's gonna play? So far, the only act announced so far is a DJ set from Ross Mintzer, who remixed a Nicki Minaj song (terribly). Maybe Casual should lobby for a slot – the Oakland rapper just dropped a song called "My Bitcoin".