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Mac DeMarco Squish Em Game

Kill some bugs with the Mac DeMarco online game

Squish 'Em lets you play the Salad Days singer and squash bugs with his favourite cigarette brands

The past few months have been pretty big for the lazy wordsmith Mac DeMarco. The Canadian songwriter has followed up his debut album 2 recently with the release Salad Days to critical acclaim. If that wasn’t enough, he is also featured in our new spring/summer 2014 issue.

However, things have just got a bit bigger for Mac. He has now joined a very elite few, including the likes of Radiohead and fellow Canadian, Toronto mayor Rob Ford: he's been immortalised in his own game.

In the online squish-em-up made by, you play Mac and squash bugs using your sturdy steed of a cigarette. Choose a brand from the selection of Marlboro, Viceroy, or Lucky Strike (he can obviously afford straights now due to his success), and mash away. You have 15 seconds to crush as many bugs as you can.

You aren’t going to win any awards for animal safety from the PETA, but it's weirdly addictive stuff. Play the game here.