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Arca and Jesse Kanda release nightmarish new video

Watch a trio of disfigured babies dancing in Scene 1, the first taster from the duo's film project Trauma

We honestly could not be more excited about this. Arca and Jesse Kanda are collaborating on a film project called Trauma, and the duo have just dropped a taster of the whole thing with the release of its first scene.

Scene 1 was first shown at MoMA at the end of 2013. According to Arca, the project "follows a nonlinear narrative about the death of a salaryman, a drunk driving infant and takes place within a subconscious world. Scene 1 depicts a trio of disfigured children locked in synchronised dance, celebrating their inner and outer beauty in the limelight."

The duo say that the film project is ongoing. They envision it as a visualisation of Arca's critically acclaimed &&&&& mixtape and his future work – so expect more from Arca and Kanda later this year. The full film will be shown in select galleries throughout the world over the next year.

&&&&& was one of the best things that touched 2013: a truly original, beautiful and alien release that was impossible to stop listening to. So strap yourself in and watch those babies dance.