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Skrillex streams new album on Dazed

The electronic artist announces his debut album Recess – listen here in a UK exclusive

Everyone has an opinion about Skrillex, the electronic musician who unified a global audience under a donk. For some, he’s the sound of Spring Breakers-style hedonism and beachside twerking, but to others, his crunching EDM is the soundtrack to unity and posi dancefloor vibes. After all, it’s the prerogative of every youthful generation to love something their parents don’t understand.

Today, Skrillex announces and streams his free-spirited new album Recess, which will be released on March 17 (OWSLA/BigBeat/Atlantic). Last night, tracks begun to unlock on his Alien Ride app, and you can now stream the entire release on Dazed below. If you’re expecting the punch of his inescapable early hits such as “Bangarang” you won’t be disappointed, but there are some swerves to the left as well. “Doompy Poomp” is squidgy and spectral, while “Fuck That” trips along with hands-aloft 90s disco-house blips. We’re in more familiar territory with “Ease My Mind”, a squealing twist on Niki & The Dove’s 2012 hit, and the bratty “Dirty Vibe”, feat Diplo, CL and G-Dragon. It was recorded in locations spanning L.A. to Stockholm and Seoul, making for a global, united sound. It’s something else for his naysayers to stick in their pipes. Keep an eye on Dazed for an interview with Skrillex this week.

Pre-order Recess here.