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Sky Ferreira speaks out against abusive online trolls

The singer has hit out on Facebook against ‘people who say vile and abusive shit to me on a daily basis’

Sky Ferreira has written an open letter on her Facebook page that hits out against the consistent abuse that she's received online from people calling her a "drug addict, a mess, a slut or a bitch". The singer rages against slut-shaming cowards and "hateful/disgusting/abusive comments" and encourages her fans to "use the internet as a way to connect with others and LEARN".

You can read her full post, below: 

What's even worse is that some online trolls have even gone as far as making fun of sexual abuse that she's endured in the past, which she first revealed in an interview with Rookie Mag in the hopes that it would help other survivors of abuse.

She's not the only female artist to have spoken out about their online mistreatment – Grimes and Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches have both voiced their disapproval for cowardly online misogyny. Go get 'em, Sky.