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Holly Stevenson

All Aboard Future

For their new album, These Are Powers have collaborated with twelve young artists to conceptualise a bright and hopeful vision for the future.

These Are Powers are raising a call to arms for people everywhere to dive into the unknown void that is the future head first, and why not? Their new album, All Aboard Future, teaches that all we have to fear is fear itself, and that we can’t avoid the inevitable. All Aboard Future is a realization that instead of cowering in the present, we should leap forth and embrace the looming question mark that dangles on the horizon with wholehearted enthusiasm. For the new album, These Are Powers asked twelve artists to interpret the theme in each of their respective mediums. Band members Anna, Pat and Bill talk to Dazed Digital about the concept and the result…

Dazed Digital: What is the concept behind 'All Aboard Future'?
These Are Powers: A rejection of fear about the future. The possibility, potential and rising of a positive and dynamic New Age.

DD: What inspired you to commission artists to interpret the album title?
TAP: We feel fortunate to be in These Are Powers, which is a creative collective that attracts other like-minded people.  We wanted to have a communal project that allowed for fluidity and range of interpretation, like a conversation.

DD: How did you choose the artists involved?
TAP: Since Bill joined the band, we have enjoyed calling both Brooklyn and Chicago home, so naturally a lot of who we asked were from these cities. But if we had more time, I think we would have included more international contributors such as Shouwang, from Beijing.

DD: Why is the intersection of different art mediums so important to 'All Aboard Future'?
TAP: They are all equally inspiring to us in creating music, and it's in the intersections of different media that a lot of amazing work is happening. We don't view These Are Powers like a rock band where maybe each member is defined by the instrument they play. We are constantly expanding and developing our roles as musicians, performers, and artists.

DD: What does 'All Aboard Future' sound like?
TAP: The power of people and art turning personal and collective dreams into transformative visions.

DD: What does 'All Aboard Future' mean to you?
TAP: The collapse of old systems, sustainable new communities, hope.

We also asked the collaborating artists, mostly based in Brooklyn and Chicago the searing question “What does All Aboard Future” mean to you:

Holly Stevenson All aboard future to me, is a cheer, a positive and inclusive call, to look at the future and go there. All your dreams are in the future, so don't doddle (all this with a slightly sci-fi novel undertone).

Cody Critcheloe: This is what “All Aboard Future” means to me:

Pooper: ”All Aboard Future” is the altering of people's perception that the future is dismal or negative… People are looking to seek the truth!  And the truth is that their own destiny, their own thoughts, positive or negative are coming to fruition and that people can achieve their dearest dreams... “All Aboard Future is the mantra”, the positive chant that These Are Powers imprints on it's listeners Subconscious Minds to change their negative patterns into positive ones.

Alex Valentine: ”All Aboard Future” means collective involvement.  We're all in this together for better or worse.  Everyone's aboard.  That's an exciting proposition for artists or anyone to be aware of.  It leads to imaginative and speculative thinking.  What will the future look like, sound like?  What kind of vehicles will we build to take us there?  Will the future be pliable and open or rigid and closed off?

Jessica Hopper: Your question barely conjures an answer.  I gave them a story I already had that was about fear of the future.

Cody Hudson: "All Aboard Future” means everything right now.

Sarah Wilmer: To me, “All Aboard Future”, is a beautifully strange and positive call to action that refers to possibilities and dynamic ways of being in the world, both light and dark.

Tyler Larson: Let's see, what it means to me/how it makes me feel- I’ve gotta go with a little mix between a sense of necessity in acquiring a reliable portable water purifier and an increased instinctive desire to acquire more crystals.

Bea Fremderman: I guess, “All Aboard Future” is just a way to say, everything is happening and you better be on board because if you aren't, then you gotta jump off. It’s kind of like a really intense game of truth or dare. It's like, we're playing the game, right? And you can't do anything about it but prepare for it by picking truth or dare. You know it's going to be juicy. And hey, you know you're going to take a risk. Maybe for the better, maybe for the worse. But you know you gotta be able to hang no matter what, cause if you can't, then you're just left behind. You know? To me, “All Aboard Future” means 'are you ready?' cause there's no way around it really.

Fay Davis Jeffers: Hope and Action

Hisham Bharoocha: ”All Aboard Future means” we don't know what the hell is going to happen in the future but let's get on the train and truck on, make things happen and stay creative.

Shouwang: It sounds to me either like they are boarding a train into the musical future or that they are speaking Chinglish

These Are Powers - All Aboard Future record release party and art show on Friday 13th February 8-10pm with live performance by These Are Powers at 210 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211