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“We wanted it to sound fucked up”

Exclusive: SETH (Gobby and James K) premiere three new videos from their “disintegrated pop” project on UNO NYC

SETH is the twisted noise-pop project of unpredictable dance artist Gobby and singer James K (aka Physical Therapy collaborator Jamie Krasner). This week they released their debut EP Chick On The Moon on UNO NYC, which comes with four homemade videos of depicting wrong-turn roadtrips involving totemic rituals, interpretive dance and a SETH-branded milk carton. Below, the duo premiere the clips for "Cat In The Limo", "Preicpii Oowee" and "Fish Oil", and we speak to the artistic duo at Gobby's New York apartment to find out more about their live set, as well as their odd, enchanting visuals.

Dazed Digital: How did this project start?

Jamie Krasner: We met three years ago. We were just really close friends, we both had our separate projects and then just naturally started making music together from hanging out a lot.

DD: The EP seems very different from your past work, like (Gobby's) Fashion Lady and (Jamie's) "Drone On" with Physical Therapy. What were you going for sonically?

Jamie Krasner: A lot of the EP is sample-based. I think we were going for a little bit of a like techno sound in some songs and then a disintegrated pop sound in other songs. My sound is a mixture of pop, industrial and ethereal, and his is way more beat-based, so both of those together are kind of the sound. We didn’t go into being like 'oh let’s make a specific sound'. We wanted it to sound fucked up though. We didn’t want to sound straightforward at all.

DD: How did the visual side of the project come about?

Jamie Krasner: We went on this vacation last year, and I just brought my camera. We went to the desert and just filmed the whole time there so I edited that footage to go to the first four songs of the EP. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a band video where they do a tour video? It has little music videos and interludes.

DD: Do the videos go with the music, in your mind?

Jamie Krasner: Well, when we were filming it we weren’t intentionally gonna put it to those songs. There’s no lip-syncing or anything. I edit it to the music so they’re kind of like music videos for the first four tracks. But we’re also doing another. I just finished editing this other video that we did with Steve Hanft and that’s for our next single “Fish Oil”.

DD: Why is the project called SETH?

Jamie Krasner: We just like the name. I don’t even know. All of my band names are names of people – I’ve been in a bunch of different projects and they’re all different names of people. I remember just being like ‘oh, we got to use that name as a band name’

DD: Who did the artwork?

Jamie Krasner: We both kind of work on it together. It’s collaged on Photoshop from drawings he does. The “T” in the SETH logo is this guy holding a gun.

Gobby: It's from this rollerblading video. This guy (Dustin Latimer) drew his name and it looks like a fucking three year old did it.

DD: How does your live setup work?

Jamie Krasner: I’m singing and I have a loop pedal and a sampler, and he has a sampler and he’s playing live drums. For one of the shows that we did we just did three of our actual tracks and then two just straight up jam sesh…

Gobby: It was way more enjoyable.

Jamie Krasner: It was kind of crazy. I think it’s just gonna change every time that we play. Gobby likes to dress up. We’re dressing up a little bit for our shows. Last time we were trying to do a mummy – I was going to wrap myself in gauze and then we realized that gauze is really expensive so it didn’t work out. I’d only got half of my body covered. It’s super expensive… (laughs)

DD: Are you guys still working on solo stuff?

Jamie Krasner: We’re always working, I’m working on putting out a solo EP. We’re trying to get it out in November. And I have an album on deck as well so it's just consistently trying to push that out there.