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Huxley takes on CLOSE's Wallflower

We give you an exclusive first listen to Huxley's wonderfully subtle remix of "Wallflower"

Over the past year Aus Music has steadily taken its place as one of the most forward thinking and reliable labels in the UK with incredible releases from Midland, Leon Vynehall, Dusky and everyone’s favourite Irish production/DJ duo, Bicep. With such a powerful and eclectic host of producers to rub shoulders with, it’s no wonder that head honcho Will Saul (aka CLOSE) has such great awareness of what makes us want to move, and more importantly: think. His first album since 2005, Getting Closer (released on !K7) was a star-studded affair, wherein Saul bridged genres with haunting melodies, soulful vocals and an unmistakably theatrical pop twist.

With the help of UK heavyweight Huxley, the album's third single “Wallflower” is stripped back and pushed towards the gloomier end of minimal. The production remains organic, with glimmers of found sound, but the 2-step rhythms of the original are replaced by a driving percussive beat. The loose vocals – provided by Aus co-owner Fin Greenall (Fink) – are layered with atmospheric chords. It’s a surprising turn for Huxley, who has leaned further towards Microhouse than his flagship garage-tinged stomp, and it really really works: this track isn’t just for the dancefloor, but that’s what we love about it.

“Wallflower” will be released on Vinyl and Digital on 14th October on !K7, including remixes from Kyle Hall, Deetron, Huxley and Quantum Entanglement.