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Italians do it better

Stream an exclusive mix from Italy's sonic Cerberus, One Circle

One Circle are the self-proclaimed 'three-headed sonic monster' collab-act from Italy currently championed by London's Left Field. The trio, comprised of Lorenzo Senni of Quantum Jelly fame, producer and Danse Noire alumni Vaghe Stelle and A:RA, a soundtrack composer, are set to release their debut EP Flight To Forever next week. To celebrate the release we got the guys to select and mix their favourite tunes – from Dazed favourites Zomby and Visionist to a glitchy reworking of Brit Brit’s ‘Lucky’ and the smooth croon of Tim Vocals – happy streaming!

Dazed Digital: Tell us about the EP – how did collaborating come about?

One Circle: We met in Istanbul and, with the support of Club to Club who invited us to play there earlier with our individual projects, we came back and started to work as One Circle. We brought some gear and stayed there for a month. That city is an inspiring mix of unbelievable crazy energies; it was an amazing experience. Each of us has a different approach to sound and we didn’t really know each other before this, but working 24/7 on music together we quickly became brothers and it was really like, wow! We were surprised about the sonic result, it was a perfect blend of our musical styles.

DD: ‘3D Immersive’ has already begun to get attention as the standout track from the EP – what was the inspiration behind the video?

One Circle: We started from a ‘time traveling’ idea as an infinite journey that dips the viewer in a loop of alienating & morphing outlook. It's like you feel something is going to happen, you tell yourself something has to happen sooner or later, you move forward and you are stuck in the same moments as before, your eyes start twisting. This scenario reminds us of an evolved cyberpunk atmosphere, but maybe just cause we really like this stuff.

DD: What’s the vibe of this mix? Did the tracks inspire the EP?

One Circle: With this Mix we tried to show our approach, our attitude to Flight To Forever. They didn’t inspire us as such, we just selected and mixed our fave "poppy" tunes of the moment with some powerful beating techno tracks and transposed everything looking at the dance-floor. We'd describe it like "Tech to service the emotions".

DD: You all have your own individual projects separate from One Circle - is this a one-off collab or is this the first of many?

One Circle: We want to keep One Circle very active and full-on, playing live together is also lots of fun! Having Flight To Forever, our debut EP, released on Left Blank is very cool cause we were already fans of the label. We’re also really looking forward to working in the studio together again, we just need to plan everything carefully cause after the great Istanbul experience we need to stay in another deep place.

DD: Who do you think is challenging the status quo in electronic music right now? Any underground suggestions for us?

One Circle: Too hard to choose! Too many scenes, too many good artists. We’re from Italy so we’ll suggest some of the Italian "underground" gems - we really like OOBE, Dave Saved, Primitive Art and Dracula Lewis.


Mauro Monaci - Tekno

Girl Unit - Club Rez

Tim Vocals - Bags Of The Sour

Zomby - Adagio For Lucifer

NIKE7UP - Lucky!

How To Dress Well - & It Was U + Drake - Headlines

Jam City - METAL

Dynooo - Tropical Thighs

SpaceGhostPurrp - Raider Prayer

Visionist - Your Eyes Were Green

Transllusion - Third Eye

Closer Musik - Maria

Shlomi Aber - The Thing That Nobody Knows

Flight To Forever is released on September 9th. Follow One Circle & Left Field.