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Julia Holter - People Dreaming in Church

The LA musician presents her concept mix inspired by sacred spaces as debuted on NTS

Taking the lead in LA’s crop of experimental pop producers and songwriters, with her three stunning albums under her belt, TragedyEkstasis on RVNG Intl and most recently Loud City SongJulia Holter has long-established a name for crafting intriguing compositions of delicate melodies with playful manipulations of her own vocals, as well as collaborations with the likes of Nite Jewel. As part of NTS Radio’s Summer Season, Holter played a special show yesterday inspired by sacred spaces, which we stream exclusively here. To supplement her show, Holter in her own words explains in depth the concept behind the mix entitled, ‘The People Dreaming in Church’:

I've been reflecting on a lot of the things that helped me make Loud City Song, and in addition to that, I've been on tour--constantly on the move from one strange place to another very quickly, sitting in a hot van for hours and then jumping out to perform suddenly, getting delirious, not sleeping, etc. We've also been playing shows at a lot of churches, or medieval church ruins, and sacred spaces that reflect so much acoustically that it is inviting to the people as a place for things to be quickly and easily shared - as one musician we played a show with in a church said: "You barely have to do anything!

The space just takes what your voice does and plays with it". A space like that has a life of its own. One way to look at the last song of my record ("City Appearing") is as an apocalyptic orgy where all the people of the city discover love for the first time, and maybe this collection of sounds is for me like a continuation of that. The introspective moments tour has provided me with while, for example, sitting in an old tomb in medieval ruins, have inspired me to take the sonic (and poetic) inspirations for Loud City Song and combine them, with some other things, into a kind of dreamlike experience for all the people of "the city" to have together while falling asleep in church.    


0-0:10 "You Know…" Janet Jackson (Janet.)

0:07-0:46 applause sound from youtube

0:19-3:56 "Te Deum Laudamus, BuxWV 218. Versus 1"  Buxtehude (performed by

René Saorgin, Buxtehude: Organ Works)

3:32-4:03 recording of cathedral organ in Ghent

3:56-9:10 "L'Auberge" Brigitte Fontaine (Brigitte Fontaine)

9:08-14:45 "Jesus Christ Came to Me in a Dream" Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti (Scared


14:39-14:49 "Hold On Baby" Janet Jackson (Janet.)

14:43-17:02 recording of rain in the alps

14:45-15:03 "Rain" Janet Jackson (Janet.)

14:46-15:02 recording of Pakistani folk instruments (featured in Loud City Song)

15:00-15:14 "Sweet Dreams/Whoops Now" Janet Jackson (Janet.)

15:01-18:19 "Cloud Song" United States of America (United States of America)

18:14-18:31 snippets from Loud City Song recording sessions

18:18-18:56 recording of rain in the alps

18:38-20:30 "Rothko Chapel, for Chorus, Viola, and Percussion" Morton Feldman

(performed by Gregg Smith Singers)

20:21-20:45 snippets from Loud City Song recording sessions

20:32-22:52 recording of rain in the alps

20:39-22:08 "Ballade 33: Nes Qu'on Porroit" Guillaume de Machaut (performed by

Jeremy Summerly & Oxford Camerata, Songs From Le Voir Dit)

22:13-22:27 "Are You Still Up" Janet Jackson (Janet.)

22:17-24:56 "Interlude" Jib Kidder (unreleased)

24:45-25:40 "USA Poetry, Frank O'Hara (1966)" documentary via youtube

25:37-28:14 recording of Yelena Zhelezov singing over a youtube of "Minnie the

Moocher" by Cab Calloway

28:14-31:32 "Part Four"  John Cage (Roaratorio: An Irish Circus on Finnegans


30:48-36:33 "Nuper Rosarum Flores" Guillaume Dufay (O Gemma Lux)

32:24-36:24 recording of rain in the alps

35:40-35:58 "USA Poetry, Frank O'Hara (1966)" documentary via youtube

36:44-37:31 recording of rain in Lyon

37:03-41:27 "The Jungle Line" Joni Mitchell (The Hissing of Summer Lawns)

41:10-42:47 "Collatina, Mark of Damnation" Broadcast (Berberian Sound Studio)

42:08-44:17 field recording of harmonium (featured in Loud City Song)

42:33-46:32 "For Frank O'Hara, for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano and Percussion"

Morton Feldman (Jan Williams, conductor)

44:05-48:49 recording of rain in Lyon

45:17-48:03 recording of me singing along with youtube of Errol Garner playing "Laura"

47:56-49:01 "USA Poetry, Frank O'Hara (1966)" documentary via youtube

48:58-51:40 "Hello Stranger" (Barbara Lewis)

51:37-53:51 collection of youtubes of Russian bells and choir

53:17-54:04 recording of walking in Paris

53:17-59:26 "Yamuna Tira Vihari" Alice Coltrane (Turiya Sings)