Exclusive: Spiritualized's I Am What I Am

New cult director AG Rojas shoots Rory Culkin for the spacerock band's triumphant single

After shooting the short film Cody for his Dazed-debuting "Tribute" series, AG Rojas again offers up a tender narrative of a small-town outsider in Spiritualized's promo of  ”I Am What I Am.” In most of the video sequences, we trail after Rory Culkin's footsteps in search of an outlet for his youthful hopes, but find none: he roams the Californian town of Taft equally ”invisible” to his TV-addicted single parent and local teenagers making out at a house party. His existential angst culminates into a full-blown, morbid yet magical act that turns out to be not just a desperate cry for help, but a final violent revolt.