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Bellz - Single Artwork

The Return of Jensen Sportag

Dragging disco back to the 80s, Jensen Sportag return with their first single since 2011

Given the complex composition process behind dream-pop duo Jensen Sportag’s music, it’s not hard to imagine why new material has taken so long to appear. Recalling the traditions of spoken word, ethereal pop label Cascine’s Tennessee based duo take inspiration from recollection and a vault of personal experience, allowing their music to expand and develop from that point. In a way, they sample memory.

“We've taken a lil influence everywhere from the emptiest dark chambers of Thomas Koner to the swarming flower thickets of World Standard. … Sincerely, man, there could be no end to this list.”

Exclusive to Dazed, Jensen Sportag’s return single, Bellz, exemplifies this method. Ruled by a pulsating electronic leitmotif, the track cautiously grows over generated rhythms and spectral vocal lines, culminating in a sound that marries today’s “Get Lucky” fuelled need for feel good disco with a more abstract allusion to the unapologetic pop of the 80s.

Bellz is now available to purchase here