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Making Cazals' "Somebody Somewhere" Video

Lou Doillon and the mysterious Mister A in director André's dance round Paris.

Paris graffiti artist André directed the video for "Somebody Somewhere", the new single by London indie band Cazals. It stars actress and model Lou Doillon.

Dazed Digital: How did you get involved with Kitsune and the Cazals?

André: I like Cazals' music as well as Kitsune's production, so I decided to do something with them. DD: How did Lou Doillon come to star in the video? 

A: I think shes hot.

DD: Who is the man on the wall? Why does he have a top hat?  A: My signature Mr. A. He's just always had one!

DD: Where was the shoot? 

A: In my hood. DD: Was it difficult? 

A: Yes, because I didnt sleep and did cocaine all the day before. DD: Did the Cazals have a good time in France? 

A: Of course. DD: What are you working on next?

A: Rehab.