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Flairs: Better than Prince?

Parisian electro synth-master Flairs challenges the midget of pop to a dance-off.

When interviewing primo music video directors Jonas & Francois earlier this year after their award-winning stints at the helm of videos for Justice, Madonna and Kanye West - D.A.N.C.E, 4 Minutes and Good Life in all its Ed Banger Comic Sans glory respectively - there was only one thing on their excited Parisian lips: Flairs, a French lad famed for playing bass in numerous bands including Hush Puppies, Alex Gopher and Benjamin Diamond…

Dazed Digital: How did you get to work with Jonas & Francois? They’re being courted by some of the biggest names in music…
Flairs: One day I sent a few emails to some big production companies, J & F's producer answered very quickly, saying the boys loved Better Than Prince and had a great Idea....when I met them it took about 2 minutes to convince me: a Walt Disney on acid black and white psychedelic video, 12 real hand drawn pics per second... How could I say no to this????? I love the way it starts, pretty conventional, then toothpaste comes out from my pants, I turn into a cat and eat myself. Just like the song, it’s nonsense packed in a beautiful envelope.

DD: So can you dance better than Prince?
F: Easy mate! Just need to shake a leg or two, clap hands and "hey presto", I can dance better than Prince.

DD: Apparently he has heard your track…
F: I know he loves it ‘cos it's filled with good ol' 80's vintage analog synthetizer sounds, it reminds him of the good old "DIRTY MIND" days, the best Prince album ever!

DD: Who else can you dance better than?
F: I danced next to Prince William last Friday in a pub, he was an awful dancer, all the girls were looking at me instead.

DD: Was prince the first name that came into mind when writing that track?
F: Yes... I thought the track, thanks to its vintage synth sound, had some connection to the love symbol... I then decided I could do lots of things better than him so sang about it...

DD: You have a good relationship with bloggers - many sites call you "close personal friends" in their blogs...
F: I love blogs, especially one called, Faysal, the guy who runs it, is a huge fan and helped spread my music to so many other blogs and music lovers, I owe him a lot!

DD: Will you be doing any touring in England? what has your experience in England been like… apparently you‘re English-obsessed?
F: I've toured the UK quite a lot with my brother's band [Ben's Symphonic Orchestra], and on and offs with many other French bands... I love playing in the UK, people have great ears over there. I've been travelling to the UK since I was 9 thanks to my parents, loved it, went to boarding school up north, lived in London fro three years. I see myself as part English, even though I'm a genuine continental cousin.

DD: What are your live sets like?
F: 3 on stage, drums, bass and a keyboard/synth Player... It's a crossover between pop and electro, and I always end up really wet from sweat!

DD: Better Than Prince was originally released in 2006...
F: I officially re-released a 12" Better than Prince with Roxour in 2008, a cool German label, it was a good move ‘cos when I self released it as a 7" single I didn't know much about promo then, and the Better than Prince video wasn't there at the time....

DD: And as well as your album, you’re being courted for film?
F: I'm working on a big film score at the moment, with a French director called Riad Sattouf, it's about virgin teens whose only goal is to have their first sexual intercourse....
DD: How very French.
F: Yes!

Flairs album (name not yet confirmed) is available February 2009.