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Big Deal - June Gloom

Hear an exclusive stream of the London duo's new album of heaving riffs and shimmering love songs

Set to release their new album, 'June Gloom' on Mute this Summer, the dreamy boy-girl duo Big Deal making simple yet expansive guitar pop have taken on a more dramatic and emotional direction with their new venture. Following their 'Lights Out' debut, the London-based pair, Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe juxtapose their more delicate sounds with a deeper and darker crunching grunge anthems. Working with producer Rory Attwell (Veronica Falls, PAWS, Male Bonding), the 11 other tracks arrive as an exploration of their newfound confidence of last year’s thunderous ‘Teradactol’ with its heaving riffs and galloping drums, seesawing between brawling noise and tender love songs.

Golden Light
Swapping Spit
In Your Car
Dream Machines
Call And I'll Come
Catch Up
Little Dipper
Close Your Eyes