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Album stream: Cloud Boat – Book of Hours

Singer-songwriting craft and the skipping steps of UK bass's year zero unite inside

With simplicity, elegence and gentle warmth, Cloud Boat's Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke have played their way into the hearts and minds of thousands of music fans. Their first-among-equals status of UK bass music's class of 2011 was assured when they signed to the offshoot of James Blake's R&S Records, and in many ways, they conjure up the mood of the generation whose formative years were spent tuning into Boiler Rooms and waiting for "Crooks & Lovers". Working within that so-very-now mix of pinning and swing, they breath fresh, full life into the skipping steps of British underground dance music with the full spectrum of songcraft and folky wanderings, finally uniting the twin figures of the campus bedroom dreamer – the folk singer-songwriter and the pirate radio DJ. As occasional Dazed writer Sam Hockley-Smith wrote in a Fader piece last year, their sound is rooted in the post-rock of Hood and the wandering folktronica of the late 90s and early 00s – a very British sense of music being of sad and nice at once. This is sexy, pure and very, very emosh music, and we are chuffed to offer a stream of their debut album, "Book Of Hours". It's out on R&S offshoot Apollo next week, but you can listen to it exclsuively on Dazed below.