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New Cross' creative label

Goldsmiths team up with Matthew Herbert to launch the eclectic student-formed NX Records

Bringing together the creative community of London's ever-growing SE14 area, the new independent label, NX Records, is a collaboration between Matthew Herbert's Accidental Records, and the students of Goldsmiths, University of London's popular music course. Showcasing the best sounds from New Cross, London, the label will be kicking off with a launch at the PureGold annual music festival at the Southbank.

Featuring music spanning genres from baroque, opera and contemporary premieres, to singer-songwriters, electronica and installation from the likes of Niomi Eve, Tom Morley, Scopic Frames, Thefft and Accidental DJs - the showcase will be set across three stages, displaying the wealth of talent at Goldsmiths. Hear the premiere of the new mix compilation above.

"NX Records exists to showcase the talents (and hopefully launch the careers) of up and coming artists who have begun their creative journey at Goldsmiths. Initially it is intended as a platform for students from the popular music course (alumni include Laura Bettinson of Ultraista and Hugh 'Crewdson' Jones) and it was they who came up with the name NX - to reflect the label & the College's home in New Cross - and who are involved with A&R, organisation & running of the label, alongside Matthew and Accidental." - Simon Deacon, Director of Popular Music at Goldsmiths

1    Muna feat. Niomí Eve      Bones
2    These Ghosts                  Coat Of Feathers
3    Jamie Coe                       Real Magic
4    Tasty K                             Wishihad
5    Roxanne Myles                Down So Deep
6    Plumes                             Pushing My Buttons
7    Kailin                                Underground
8    Jimmy Marples                The Fog
9    Amy Spencer                   Reverie
10    Thefft                              I Got
11    ANIИA                            Easy
12    æons                             Clowns
13    Montezuma                    I Won't Beg
14    The Natural Positions    NBK
15    King Of Hearts               Pressure
16    Jacob Aria                     Lifeblood
17    Shanaz Dorsett             Don't Let Me
18    Scopic Frames              Xanadu
19    Clare Kelly                    He Won't Forgive
20    Niomí Eve                     Advantage
21    Ruthie                           Ommaney
22    Little Liar                       Lights Mean Go
23    Brouhaha                      Confusing The Wind
24    Skinshape                     Rubber Gloves
25    Maria Ramdeen            Take A Moment
26    Low Cost Life               Twisted Arms
27    Penumbra                     ...when the porcelain chips
28    Alt Track                       Speakers
29    Dragger                        Through The Screen
30    Emma December         Nobody
31    Athæna                        Conchiglie
32    St. Spirit                       Bloody Minded
33    Tom Morley                 Revolution
34    Thjork                          Don't Skin Me Alive
35    Benji Tranter                Sister

The PureGold festival launch will run across 3 stages at the Royal Festival Hall on 9th May: The Front Room: The NX Records Launch featuring Artists and DJs from NX Record's first official mixtape and Accidental DJs. The Purcell Room: a combination of contemporary, classical & pop performances. The Queen Elizabeth Hall: featuring audio & visual work from the Electronic Music Studios at London's Southbank Centre, 6pm onwards.