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Get Dirty

Eleven cities sees a new series of parties with the likes of Ghostface Killah, DOOM, Gallows and Hoax

This Easter, Converse launches an 11-city wide music project, Get Dirty, bringing together massive hip hop legends like Ghostface Killah and DOOM, as well as old school indie band The Cribs, alongside more local talents across Europe to get down and dirty.

Celebrating the label's Well Worn collection, the Get Dirty parties kicking off on Tuesday 19th March in the city of Paris, will then hit Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Vienna, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Milan. Living up to the mantra: “Shoes Keep It Clean, Sneakers Get Dirty”, Well Worn all out embraces sneakers at their best - worn in, messed up and gritty - inviting you to dive in headfirst, and deal with the inevitable scuffs to prove it.

The London contingent will be held in Oxford Street's legendary 100 Club with eclectic lineups, all embodying the Get Dirty spirit in a rare intimate setting for lucky fans.

London - 100 Club dates:

17th April: The Cribs, China Rats
18th April: Ghostface Killah, Doom
19th April: Gallows, Carnival Kids, Hoax

To win tickets and find out more about locations across Europe click HERE