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The Good Natured

The Good Natured's Sarah McIntosh has a Casio synthesizer, and she's not afraid to use it...

Like most next-big-thing youth prodigies, 17-year-old Berkshire School girl Sarah McIntosh is desperate to lose the albatross tag and earn the more substantial moniker of artiste… The founding father (or should that be mother) of 70s disco, bedroom beat-heavy, sweeping emotronica-churning The Good Natured is a sassy lyricist, a verbal wit, a musical enfant terrible, and, as her PR insists, flyer in hand, a deft hand in club Djing (check her skills at Farringdon‘s The Slaughtered Lamb if you don‘t believe us). We like her because, with her church organ and lap-top computer, she’s bringing synth pop back. And that, 18 not yet in sight, she’s not even old enough to drink in the bars she frequents as an artist… and, more importantly, that she answers our pointless, shallow questions with gusto and vigour…
Hello The Good Natured.
I called you The Good Natured and not Sarah McIntosh.
Yes, you did.
Your name is Google hell.
My name or my band name? The Good Natured? Indeed. Sorry.

Didn't you think that maybe something a bit more esoteric would be better to get noticed and to make googling easier?
When picking a name I didn't really think about what would be best for "googling" as it were.
You didn’t consider the poor fans?
Evidently not.

The Name The Good Natured sounds like a folk school choir.
It was from a lyric and was my first choice. What is wrong with school choirs? I was in a school choir once, I got to wear a glittery waistcoat and a top hat. I digress...

Do the Kate Nash comparisons piss you off? They’d piss me off.
Yes, I think they are closed minded.

What’s been the best comparison so far?
The school choir reference was pretty good.

I had lunch with Lykke Li and she said everything she sings about is based on a real person or real event to make the emotion true. Do you do that?
Yes, I take influence from people/events around me definitely. I wrote my song Rose for my best friend.
So you admit you copy Lykke Li?

Do you hate all the attention on your age? You’re very young. Knee-high sock and school satchel young.
No, I don't really worry about that at all.

What music are you listening to?
I am loving a bit of Eurythmics at the moment.

What's the music scene like down in Berkshire? If I were to come down for the day where should I go and hang out?
Red hot, hang out at the Rising Sun Arts Centre or the Oakford in Reading, both very cool places.

Not many headline bands come from Berkshire, are you ready to be the face of Berkshire music?

Do you think your surroundings inform your music and your style? Would your music be any different if you were from Hastings?
Hastings, why Hastings? If I lived in Hastings things would most likely be different, yes.

In my opinion your sound is Britpop keyboard and wireless electro plonky-tonk Clor-meets-ladytron via Kiaro-diluted Crystal Castles. Do you think your music will sound a bit dated soon?
I can but try.

Tell me why I should come to your Good Gracious set at The Slaughtered Lamb.
If you like my music, then seeing me live would be enjoyable.
Yes, enjoyable.

Do you like Nico? I think you sound like her.
I love Nico, I take that as a compliment.

You have 1901 Myspace friends. That’s a lot of friends.
I love those guys.

What's next for you?
A cup of tea and Maths homework. Maybe I will try and get a gig in Hastings.

Bye The Good Natured.
Bye… I sounded like a sarcastic bitch.
The Good Natured's debut EP Warriors is out now.