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Peaking Lights - Lucifer - MAIN PHOTO credit - Dav

Peaking Lights - Lucifer in Dub

Hear the LA husband-and-wife duo's glistening surrealist new album of dub edits here first

Forming their distinctive musical identity around profuse psychedelic sounds through warm and heavy analogue equipment, the husband-and-wife musical duo, Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis hailing from LA have truly created something unique. The pair known as Peaking Lights whose cosmic, texturally-rich new album Lucifer released earlier this year fused together abstractions from krautrock to darker dance elements - have now translated the record into a six-song collection 'Lucifer in Dub' - incorporating their original core influences from dub. Moving the album songs into a heavier territory, Coyes had always planned this during the inception of the initial record:

“Before Lucifer even had a song written or a name to it we had the ‘light bulb skull rattle’ that we had to do a dub for whatever was to come out of the studio session at Gary's Electric. After spending the better half of the year on tour we managed to finally settle in to a spot in Echo Park where we set up a small studio and got physical with dubbing out the Lucifer LP. We have always loved the challenge of approaching the music we make from a new angle, and although the dub aspect to the music we make may be there in structure this is the first time we have laid it down by playing as the engineers.” says Coyes.

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Lucifer in Dub is out on Weird World on December 10th 2012 on vinyl (WEIRD026LP) and digitally (WEIRD026D), pre-order HERE.