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Trust Remix Exclusive

The Canadian musician on his dark and ethereal beats working with Austra's drummer plus an exclusive remix from Berlin duo Kool Thing

Originally from Ontario, Trust aka Robert Alfons making bold, warped beats, produced his first album TRST with fellow Canadian, Austra’s drummer Maya Postepski. Integrating dark and heavenly vocals against supernatural synths and vibrating bass, Trust creates the perfect consistency throughout each track. TRST, which came out in February this year, rendered down the empty sound of surrounding space and built a rhythm of throbbing, gritty angst. Or as Alfons defines his sound, “hazy dreams buried in mud”. Here, along with an exclusive Kool Thing remix of 'Sulk', we speak with Alfons as he reveals his inspirations and what’s to come after his US tour.

Dazed Digital: How did you begin making music?
Robert Alfons:
 I started making music when I was a kid. Hearing stuff like The Cocteau Twins, Aphex Twin and all the video game music really excited me when I was young. 

DD: What's behind your moniker, Trust?
Robert Alfons:
 I liked the word trust, it's a bold word, and an absolutely terrifying idea.

DD: What was the basis of the album TRST?
Robert Alfons:
 The themes are desolate. It's about control and all the gazing afterwards. 

DD: Who/ what are the inspirations to the sounds you create?
Robert Alfons:
 All the little blooms that creep within. 

DD: Since the release of TRST, what has been the biggest challenge that you have had to overcome?
Robert Alfons:
 The album is very introverted, almost shy. And it's been a nice challenge to play these songs in a live setting. 

DD: What are you looking forward to while touring for the rest of this year and next?
Robert Alfons:
 I'm looking forward to playing great shows and making new music on the road. 

DD: What's next on your agenda?
Robert Alfons:
 Heading back to Europe in January and working on my next record!

Text by Lucy Chen