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James Ferraro – Sushi

An exclusive stream of Sushi, the new LP for Hippos In Tanks by the hi-def-lo-fi pop-art musician

The experimental NYC -> Los Angeles-based underground electronic producer James Ferraro artistically creates unhinged psychedelic digital experiences with his work. Fabricating richly textured musical journeys through chopped up Rihanna vocal samples to soaring ethereal synths and abstract FX, Ferraro with his new album Sushi manages to transport the listener to epic futuristic dreamworlds.

Endlessly progressive, Ferraro has always been evolutionary in his music, releasing under several monikers and initially using more lo-fi guitar-heavy instrumentals. Whereas his previous album in 2011, Far Side Virtual, was seemingly honed around the retro aesthetics of 90s PC game soundtracks to entrancing and sometimes almost comic effect. It's no surprise that for his latest venture arriving as his second LP on Hippos In Tanks, Ferraro has progressed his sounds to a more modern take in leftfield electronica.

"Sushi is designer, Sushi is my obsessions, my darkness, it's just my life squeezed into my music"
- James Ferraro

The record will be out on November 7th digitally, and on CD & LP on December 10th - stream it in full exclusively here first on Dazed:

[The stream has ended. Best to buy it from the label or listen on Spotify]