Antwerp video premiere

Trippy organic instrumental sounds from the producer and artist, out on his own label Noise Praise

As he releases his second EP on his own label Noise Praise, the producer and artist, Antwerp, talks to Dazed Digital about the organic sounds he creates. Following on from his debut, 'Equinox', and remixes for the likes of D/R/U/G/S, Ghostpoet and Worried About Satan so far, Antwerp has already formulated a distinctive trippy instrumental touch with all his work. Check out his latest video as premiered here:

Dazed Digital: How do you think this record follows on from your first EP, if it does?
It does. 'A Permanent State' is different but there is continuity from 'Equinox'. When I released my first EP, via Make Mine, the following aspects were already in flux: The idea of incorporating organic instruments with upbeat tempos, arrangements with slow rhythmic mutability, repetition of sounds building up to the point of collapse, etc.

DD: You say that your tracks are born from images, could you describe your creative process more to us?
Antwerp: I often have physical images - like collages - that I refer to when making something. Sometimes I just visualize blurred or densely coloured ambiances or ghostly outlines, squeezing my brain and adding to the amount of info in an image: Subjects, lights, distance, etc. Transposing all these visual elements into sounds, I create three dimensional spaces in which all the samples are selected, dislocated and carefully reconsidered. Audio can create something physical and active if you allow it to. It lets you float into deep thoughts, where no boundaries exist. That's what really fascinates me.

DD: Why did you decide to set up Noise Praise, your own London based label for ‘electro oddities’ and how is it going?
Antwerp: Noise Praise is going pretty well, especially with the help of the bunch of artists/friends I collaborate with. We're interested in creating a consistent and coherent identity and exploring what is not immediately obvious. That's what we're looking for in bands really.

DD: You’ve remixed tracks by people from D/R/U/G/S to Ghostpoet... who/what are you listening to at the moment?
Antwerp: A mixture of things: Maundrie Fox, Doldrums, Astronautica, Error Operator, Elite Gymnastics, Dauwd and others. As well as those, I really enjoy the energy of ancient African and Asian Music: it's raw and dynamic and I can still perceive a strong sense of primitivism and ancient instincts listening to it.  

DD: Your title suggests some bouts of insomnia... does lack of sleep help you(r) work?

Antwerp: However inconvenient, I think the lack of sleep helps my work. The inability to sleep induces me to blend together all the sounds without imposing any rational control to what I'm playing. As weird as it seems, it's like seeing  a car with no one at the wheel, doing perfect turns around a square.

DD: What are you most looking forward to next?

Antwerp: I'm looking forward to releasing more electro oddities, doing collaborations with different artists and playing on bigger stages. I'm doing my EP launch at Power Lunches in Dalston on Nov the 8th. Just saying...