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West Norwood Cassette Library mixtape

The South London electronic producer showcases the finest selections from his WNCL label from the back catalogue, current releases and future dubplates

SE27-based producer and music connoisseur West Norwood Cassette Library will be bringing down his slick house cuts to Bristol as he joins an epic line-up of Sneaker Social Club, Scuba, Joy Orbison, Dark Sky, and Will Saul at Bristol's In:Motion series for Trouble Vision this weekend.

Known for his underground WNCL label releasing the likes of the downtempo funk-influenced Milyoo and heavily percussive retro electronic producer Knowing Looks, Mr Cassette Library makes us an exclusive mix here and tells us all about his personal collections...

Dazed Digital: What was the first cassette you ever bought?
West Norwood Cassette Library: Most likely something brightly coloured with nursery rhymes on it. Despite the name, I'm not actually a cassette fetishist. Even 'back in the day', I thought they were highly irritating and prone to getting chewed up all the time so I'm slightly bemused by the recent resurgence of the format.

DD: How would you describe your current listening tastes as compared to your own productions?
West Norwood Cassette Library: I wouldn't. I always go to great lengths to avoid describing anything I've done!

DD: What are you working on now and what's next?
West Norwood Cassette Library: WNCL011 is out now on WNCL Recordings. It's a 4 track 12" EP that serves as a mini showcase for the label, featuring tracks by Don Froth, Milyoo, myself and Knowing Looks.  WNCL012 is out next and that will be a 4 track EP by Kevin McPhee, released in late November. A half hour mixtape showcasing the WNCL Recordings label, featuring tracks from the back catalogue, current releases and future dubplates…

DD: What's top 5 in the West Norwood Cassette Library?
West Norwood Cassette Library: Kira Neris & Vax 1 - "It's All I Can Give" (Les Disques SuperFriends): I stumbled over this one on Soundcloud recently and it's been lodged in my brain ever since. It's unbelievably smooth.

Pangaea - "Release" (Hessle Audio): Tons of goodness on this solid double pack. Can't wait for the vinyl to hit the stores.

Eleanor Mills - "Same Routine" (Al Tone Edits): In a world over-populated with extremely dull disco edits, this cut stands head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.

Damon Bell - "Nommo EP" (Deepblak): Super deep house music. Jazz without noodles.

Ekoplekz: I can't name one release. I'm writing this and staring at a huge pile of delicious looking, recently released albums and collaborations and they all sound as outrageous as each other.