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Nail The Cross: Buffalo Tide Mix

Ahead of No Pain in Pop's 5th festival this weekend we get a new mix from the BLBX collaborator set to join Dam Mantle, Deptford Goth and Lixo

In their fifth year of bringing exciting new music together in East London, No Pain In Pop and promoters Lanzarote will be heading up another cleverly-curated Nail The Cross this weekend. Having an illustrious alumni that includes The xx, These New Puritans, Actress, to Hudson Mohawke, 2012's roster sees Tri Angle Record’s oOoOO, joined by Deptford Goth and Slime (debut live sets), as well as Dam Mantle and ex-Sian Alice Group's Eaux. Here we chat to Bufflo Tide alongside a new mix ahead of the weekend's festivities...

Dazed Digital: How did BLBX form and tell us something we wouldn't know about the collective?
Buffalo Tide: BLBX's inception came about actually in 2007, when the group were all living together under one roof. Initially we wanted it to be a label, but now it feels like the potential for us will be a lot wider than that. We're a collective, a joint live act (we've played improv sets with as many as four of us together before), we're promoters now, and we even started a podcast with guest mixes from the likes of Rooflight. As for what people might not know: the collective have not been on the same continent together for the last four years, and have never played a show as a whole... yet.

DD: There seem to be pretty epic themes behind your music, what are the ongoing links and inspirations for your work and why do you think that is?
Buffalo Tide: I think the themes behind my work often relate to what I'm reading or thinking about at the time of writing. A lot of the times these themes are never fully explored in one single track, or body and so often they are repeated in order for me to fully explore or understand them. I'm interested in a lot of the work Bruce Parry does, Julian Schnabel too. I just read Lynch's 'Catching the Big Fish' which was truly inspiring. I'm really interested in fashion houses work in particular Lanvin, Givenchy but so many others too. Paris fashion week this year was impressive. I hope in someway to emulate what they do, or maybe mimic it in sound form. Visually at some point with my artwork too.

DD: What are you listening to at the moment?
Buffalo Tide: Actually I really love Grizzly Bear's new record. Frank Ocean is great too. I just saw Bosnian Rainbows twice on their tour and they blew me away.

DD: What your favourite sounds to make or to hear right now?
Buffalo Tide: I've been working on something with a choir recording in it, which is really beautiful.

DD: What are you most looking forward to next?
Buffalo Tide: I'm really looking forward to playing Nail The Cross festival next week. I'm really looking forward to (I hope) more bookings and live shows as I feel it's the real arena for my music, space for it to travel.

Fri 19th - Sat 20th October at The Shacklewell Arms, Dalston, London.