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VIDEO PREMIERE: Simian Mobile Disco

Check out the glitchy new vid from Hans Lo and Kate Moross for SMD's latest track, 'I Waited For You' here first

The unstoppable duo, Simian Mobile Disco are back with their new EP with four stunning tracks straight off their latest album Unpatterns. Their new video has been made long-time collaborators Hans Lo and Kate Moross, formed around glitchy digitally crafted imagery syncing perfectly in time with their new track 'I Waited For You'. Here we chat to Lo about the experimentation with 3-D and moiré effects.

The idea for the video came about by playing around and building these enormous sculptures (they average around 150m in height) in Google Sketch-Up

Dazed Digital: What is the story behind the new vid and how did it come about?
Hans Lo:
It is a study of three-dimensional space, virtual camera work and the moiré effect. The idea for the video came about by playing around and building these enormous sculptures (they average around 150m in height) in Google Sketch-Up. We were quite new to this open-source software so there was alot of room for experimenting and trying to use this architectural programme to create some simple and geometric sculptural pieces. I think it was one of those moments when we assigned 'I Waited For You' to the visuals that it felt the stars were aligned and fitted the audio perfectly!

DD: Have you worked with SMD before, and what was the experience like?
Hans Lo:
Kate and I (ISO Studios) have been working with SMD in the past individually on videos, artwork and web on separate albums/EPs. Then about a year ago, we got the call to art direct together this new album 'Unpatterns'. All the artwork, press, flyers, website and nine videos for each track on the album. I guess we had a pretty good grasp of SMD's ethos and aesthetics by working with them for the past four years. So this project was a perfect opportunity to produce a consistent campaign through each medium working directly with James and Jas, which is quite rare these days.

The experience was great working with them on this project. It was emphasised right from the start that these videos should reflect the experimental methods in which James and Jas make their records. It was all about the process of creating something audibly or visually. Whether the end result is nothing like what you planned at the start, it shouldn't matter. It's the knowledge you gain and your will to 'let things roll' on the journey from A to Z, which will make the result unique. So between the band and us, we were very open-minded about ideas and ways to tailor the videos to each track.

DD: How would you describe the new track in under 5 words?
Hans Lo:

DD: What is your favourite part of the vid?
Hans Lo:
The whole thing really as this is our favourite out of the nine videos.

'A Form Of Change' EP is out on October 1st on Wichita