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Kenton Slash Demon: Video Premiere

The Danish production duo who first made it on cult label Tartelet return with their new video for 'Ore' on Dazed

Known for their unique electronic productions specialising in warm, organic sounds with a melodic pop mentality, Copenhagen-based duo Kenton Slash Demon are back with their new single, 'Ore'. Check out the new video directed by Dark Matters, premiering exclusively on Dazed.

Silas Moldenhawer of Kenton Slash Demon: "We think the video is insane in a really good way and a beautiful take on the track. We worked with Dark Matters on the videos for 'Daemon' and 'Matter' and the Emperor of Antarctica has been creating all our artwork so it was really cool to have them work together on this video.

We wanted to produce something that had a massive soundscape, like a wall of sound moving towards you. It's not exactly an easy track to dance to, but a track you can dive into and get lost in. This special feeling you can experience when being in a club and the DJ is playing perfectly and the audience is responsive and everything seems to move up to a higher level, it's always our inspiration when we produce music. We are trying to capture that moment and interpret it in different ways. We like the idea of making something weird that at the same time is very catchy and has a groove that makes it hard to stand still."

Concept: Dark Matters & the Emperor of Antarctica
Direction / Editing: Dark Matters
Programing & Video Manipulation: The Emperor of Antarctica and Ana Carlan
Programmed using Processing
Photography: Henrik Edelbo
Light: Jens Jørgensen
Studio: Stage 7
+ respect to Zbig Rybcynskis "The 4th Dimension" for the Slit Scan inspiration.