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The Kills: Dream & Drive Exclusive Film

Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince's photobook launches under rainy skies, as we premiere their striking short movie

The night sky, gleaming with drops of rain, set the perfect atmosphere for The Kills’ launch of their photography collection, ‘Dream & Drive’ in London a few days ago.  A collection selected from 20,000 photographs taken over the past ten years by friend and photographer Kenneth Cappello. It’s an intimate insight into the trials and tribulations life threw at the duo, hung delicately from the walls of the Milk Gallery, as they deserved. You’d certainly feel as if you’re dreaming and driving into their runic abyss, as you wander the gallery, experiencing one event after the other through the photos. And although it’s not recommended to dream and drive at the same time, trust us – the experience was magical.

Film by Romano Pizzichini
Interview and text by Katia Ganfield

Dream & Drive is out now