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Swedish singer Cornelia makes the sweetest left-field pop

Singer Cornelia makes the sweetest leftfield pop. Sugarcoated it may sound but Cornelia Dahlgren is serious about her spellbinding electronic tunes. She layers her dreamy vocals with synths, drumbeats and lyrical hooks to create insatiable tracks. Previously, Cornelia worked in bands, composed music and moonlighted as a songwriter before close friend Jamie Woon persuade the native Swede to relocate to London.

Signed to Camp Mozart – her own label – the Red Bull Music Academy alumni released her latest record, Aquarius Dreams, last year and has new releases scheduled for 2012: one with Portico Quartet to follow her recent Scratcha DVA record. Dazed Digital spoke to the Cornelia about how her work is like a hung-over unicorn and why fashion is more of an art form for her.


...special about you?
I didn't know I was? This is the one perfect question to ask my grandmother!

...your worst vice?

 Persistence, I have to say.

... your favourite sound?

 The sound of coming home. And sometimes leaving again.
...your favourite website?

...your favourite label?

 Camp Mozart.
...your worst fashion secret?

I'm not trendy enough to worry about what I should be hiding from others. I enjoy fashion as an artform, not a way to feel good or bad about my looks.

...are you listening to now?

Rodriguez. My friend Malik did a documentary about him and his amazing life. It just hit the theatres and I recommend everyone to see it.

How would you describe your work?

A white unicorn smashed out on the sofa after a hard night on whiskey and painkillers.

What's next?

Life ahead. Joyride and hell. And a solo album.

Stormy Weather by Cornelia is out 27th August.