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Avoiding the Void since 1984

(London’s music scene gets a new and exciting face in DJ Kiersty's monthly night with internationally acclaimed producer Hopen perfoming live.

DJ Kiersty’s monthly night showcasing Britain’s new electronic scene in an unpretentious and inventive way. Previously held at the Macbeth and now relocated to The Others warehouse in Stoke Newington, it attracts a loyal following and is a welcome break from other electronic nights around at the moment.

With previous performances from Pixelh8 playing chip tune off his game boy, rave legend Ronin with his mash upstyle and Love Love records’ The Fez’s own brand of spazz-core, this week’s lineup includes Pain Struck Stanley Dumb, UK Bass afficianados who are the side project of Christopher D’Ashley, and Radioactive Man. The night also promises a special ‘secret’ guest performer alongside Hopen…

I spoke to Hopen about his new project with Hrdvsion Starting Teeth and about why nights like this are important to him;

Dazed Digital: How would you describe your musical style?
Hopen: It shares the name of Bruce Lee's fighting style called "THE WAY OF THE INTERCEPTING FIST", and is also the title of our next EP coming out on Creaked Records next year.
It is a combination of many fighting techniques with anything unnecessary stripped away.

DD: What do you want your music to do, and what have you gained from  collaboration with Hrdvsion specifically, are you excited to be  
finally coming together live?
Hopen: Starting teeth has allowed us an outlet for being free with our art and be true with our hearts. The live sets will be something very special featuring re-edits/remixes of our songs performed live... in each show they will be absolutely unique. so yes...excited!!!

DD: What do you think of the London music scene at the moment?
Hopen: It will only get better starting on November 8th....

DD: What would you like to be different...
Hopen: An appreciation of everything being perfect allows London’s music scene to also be perfect. How could perfection ever be changed? Perhaps if we had to change something...more bunny rabbit costumes on stage!!
It is very important for the people making very artistic music to have these kinds of outlets to continue creating the beautiful things in the world.

DD: How do you like to avoid the void?
Hopen: By finding something wonderful inside that is unchangeable by the outside world.

AVOIDING THE VOID is at the Others Warehouse, 6-8 Manor Road, Stoke Newington tomorrow (Sat 8th November) from 8pm to 2am.