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Dazed July 2012 Playlist

Check out our favourite tracks of the month featuring Kitty Pryde, Bloc Party, Frank Ocean, JJ and Purity Ring

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With 20 years in the game it was kinda hard to pick one Snoop song to put on this month's playlist to celebrate the top Dogg's Dazed cover. So instead I selected a bunch of my favourites and asked our resident party starter Sean Glynn to mix them together. He did a killer job. Pour yourself some gin n' juice and check out our Snooperfly Mix right here. However, if you just want to hear some the songs that we've been banging in the office this month, we've got you covered with nearly 3 hours of new tracks from Bloc Party, Purity Ring, LOL Boys, Joey Bada$$, DIIV, Kitty Pryde, Kendrick Lamar and 40 other Dazed & Approved artists. Enjoy!

Artwork by Rosanna Webster