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Dazed x Sonos: Winning Mix

Check out the winning mix from Tiki, as judged by Actress, Raf Daddy, Andy Votel and Veronica Vasicka

Last month, Dazed and Sonos launched a mix competition, Evolution of Listening, as a means to explore and showcase new music from and for our readers. The winner gets a £1,000 prize of a Sonos wireless hi-fi system and their mix featured on Dazed. Four diverse world-respected DJs, including Actress (whose highlight was NikhilP), Veronica Vasicka (in favour of Kongterp, Deidre Direktor, and Loconodice), Raf Daddy of 2 Bears (choosing Tiki and Chris Storey), and Andy Votel (picking out Tiki and also Chrisparadise) formed our exclusive panel of judges, picking the winner from the hundreds of submissions we received. Listen to our top five HERE.


Dazed X Sonos Evolution Of Music by Tiki Shack Funhouse on Mixcloud

Runner Up 1 - Deidre Direktor
Runner Up 2 - Chris Storey
Runner Up 3 - KONGTERP
Runner Up 4 - NikhilP

Dazed Digital: What was the main theme behind your mix? Why did you choose it?
The title of the mix was 'Sunset Set' and the music was supposed to reflect that time of day. A pre-twillight, pre-party time Tiki Shack mix. I really wanted to find a mood that was between light and dark. The mix was meant to be listened to, not for the club. I think a lot of mixes these days are just showing off bangin' tracks and not focusing on a larger concept.

DD: How would you describe your musical background?
I grew up in my great grandfather's music shop and would spend my time toying with kooky instruments, playing Nintendo, and drinking soda. Everything I do now is under Tiki Shack Funhouse and fits the mold. My band Vensaire I play under Tiki Shack, I'm the parrot of the group.

DD: How long have you been DJing/mixing for and what do you usually play?
I began properly DJing last year when I moved to New York. We started playing anywhere we could find and gained momentum quickly. Me and a few others started a crew called Good Kids got offered to throw a weekly party every Monday at Home Sweet Home in the Lower East Side of New York. Today is our one year anniversary and we are in Los Angeles throwing a big shindig to celebrate.

DD: What are you listening to currently? Who are your favourite DJs at the moment?
My favourite artist right now is Hot Sugar he is 2013. My favourite DJs are: Good Kids (Stryker, Aharaw©, HD, The Pop Guru), MlOlD, Brian DeGraw, Venus X, Spencer Sweeney, Onra and Teebs.