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Babe, Terror Exclusive Mix

Set to return with his new EP on Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound, the Sao Paulo-based producer makes us a trippy new mix

This summer, Sao Paulo-based Babe, Terror returns to Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound label after his debut 12", 'Summertime Our League' / 'Havai' and an album on Perdizes Dream/Glue Moon. Titled 'Knights', his new release is a modern take on psychedelic 'WDM' ('wrong dance music' as he describes it) - filled with jarring drum machines and trippy lo-fi FX pedals.

I Cosplay people I know.

Check out his exclusive new mix featuring Italojohnson and Ghibli for Dazed Digital as he gives us the lowdown on his current label loves and story behind his name...

...special about you?

Haircut, voice, muscles, beauty, skin and the fact I'm really good with art-school women.

...the story behind your name?

It comes from a song by The Beatles, there is a hidden track on rubber soul, after it John sings about a little girl, when you wait 2 minutes, there's Paul and John singing "babe, terror", the first prog song. Not original for a band name, but I like the Beatles and it seemed like a better option than the other name: Hey, Jude.

...your worst vice?

Heroin with cheese.

... your favourite sound?

I really like flute and keys, and guitar, on old fashioned Dutch bands like Scope, Focus, a kind of sound dungeon transplants perfectly nowadays and you can hear on the best hip hop. I think that's exactly where pop should reach, just like motown, Spector, and The Beatles. I don't really care about 90% of the rest of the sounds around.

...your favourite website? - this one. I like cars, I like speed, I like F1 and I like sites. I like the internet, being in touch with people. Also I like management. This site joins every item I said.

...your favourite label?

My favourite label is Subliminal Sounds from Stockholm. They put out some records they draw back from the deep of the lakes in the city. I could spend all the money I have on Subliminal Sounds releases, anything they sell, from candies to records. Again: they can sell me anything. Another favourite right now is Beer on the Rug from Japan, I think. I have just bought 5 tapes from them, they are like Subliminal Sounds, but the artists are a bit more like me, making cool illegal sampling with no fear of the police.

...your worst fashion secret?

I Cosplay people I know.

...are you listening to now?

Scope "scope II" album. It's a fusion or prog album from Holland, mid 70s.

How would you describe your work?

Sentimental with heroin.

What's next?

Probably getting more money with music, gaining like £200 this year. And release a tape with Glue Moon label, called "College Clash", after "Knights" with Phantasy. It has some curious sounds I developed from the last three years until 2012, and my attempt at doing them sounds like a score for a camp competition amongst boys who like sports.

Exclusive Babe, Terror Mix by Dazed Digital on Mixcloud

'Knights' - Babe, Terror is out on Phantasy on 20th August