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Cheatahs EP Exclusive

Made up by members from Male Bonding and Weird Dreams, we premiere the slacker pop band's debut EP

Formed of key members of the London slacker pop scene, including Weird Dreams' James Wignall, and Male Bonding's Nathan Hewitt, plus an American bass player and German frontman, Cheatahs is the new (and decidedly full-time) project from the four-some.

Having supported the likes of Wavves, Best Coast, and Ariel Pink for an idea of like-minded sounds, their debut EP on Marshall Teller is filled with fuzzy pop, melancholic vocals, lo-fi production and layered guitars, as the result of a shared love of Elliott Smith, Dinosaur Jr, Neil Young, and Wipers. The new EP arrives after a limited 7” on Young And Lost Club Records, a four-song cassette EP on Paradise Vendors Inc and a split 7” also on Marshall Teller which you can hear exclusively in full.


...your party trick?

Um, any party that required us to do tricks of any kind doesn't sound that appealing. But if the worst came to the worst, I can juggle a bit.

...the story behind your name?

It's a big two fingers up to SEO (in truth I can't remember).

...your worst vice?

I'm trying to cut back on juggling in public.

... your favourite sound?

Laughter (from someone you've just told a joke to).

...your favourite website?

Google Translate.

...your favourite label?

Johnnie Walker Blue.

...your worst fashion secret?

I give all my fashion mistakes to my girlfriend (on whom they inevitably look quite good).

...are you listening to now?

Comedy Bang Bang with Scott Aukerman; The Bugle.

How would you describe your work?
Fail again. Fail Better.