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X-Press 2: Casablanca

We speak to the iconic duo about their long-running involvement in dance music ahead of their new label

While a lot of acts sustain their careers through extreme progression and dynamism, X-Press 2 has sustained theirs through a strong foundation in what they've always done. Having been in electronic/dance music for over two decades now, they continue to play live shows and their Ministry of Sound radio show, expertly blending genres based in disco and techno. In addition to starting a label and releasing new music, XP2 plans to play a special Balearic set at the Casablanca series on July 19th, which kicks off this Sunday at London's Loft Studios. Dazed caught up with the timeless duo to talk about the future, collaborations, and modern technology.

We kind of look to the past for inspiration then use modern technology to add a modern twist

Dazed Digital: Having been DJing for so long, how much have you moved away now (if at all) from music you were making two decades ago?
X-Press 2:
I dont think we've moved very far at all to be honest. When we started making music, we were just fusing ideas from different genres that we liked and making our own music. Back then it was disco and techno. To a greater or lesser extent, that's exactly what we do now. We kind of look to the past for inspiration then use modern technology to add a modern twist.

DD: You’ve collaborated with a lot of people, do you have a favourite? Is there anyone (alive or dead) who would be your dream collaborator?
X-Press 2: Every person that we've worked with has been amazing for lots of different reasons. I think we've been really lucky in that the collaborators that we've hooked up with have all turned out to be totally cool and totally inspiring. You never really know how people are going to be having never met them, so when they turn out to be exactly how you'd love them to be, it's boss! After  spending yesterday afternoon and evening at Lovebox, I think Nile Rogers, Chaka Khan or Grace Jones would all be pretty decent to get on an X-Press 2 track.

DD: What can we expect from your set at Casablanca - Summer Sessions At Loft Studios?

X-Press 2: Something a bit different to regular XP2 Saturday night stuff. We'll be playing a lot more of the sounds that we play in the first hour of our radio show, a little more down tempo and musical. Some balearic classics and some weirder bits thrown in as well. Sunday summer vibes basically.

DD: What are you listening to in your own time right now?
X-Press 2: After last night I had to dig out Grace Jones' Island Life album. Bar about three tracks, it was pretty much her whole set from Lovebox.

DD: What are you planning for the future?
X-Press 2: More of the same really. Working on new X-Press 2 tracks as we speak. Also doing an album with a fellow producer, geared more towards the sort of sounds we'll be playing at the Loft. Continuing with the radio show at Ministry of Sound Radio. Starting a little label project to put out some of the music that we love, not necessarily just our own but stuff from other folks we admire also.

X-Press 2 at Casablanca at Loft Studios, London: July 19th 2012.